Skyblock Event June 2021

Skyblock Event June 2021

Our Skyblock Event is now finished

With the upcoming reset we are hosting a short term event server where players will be ranked and the top players will receive a booster pack when we launch our 1.17 Server

For the top Island Level:
The winner will receive an unbreakable iron tool set with max vanilla enchants on it + 5,000 ingame credits
*ps* There will only be one unbreakable tool set on the server... You can choose to use it, sell it or frame it... up to you without restrictions
Because 2 players took this event to completely unexpected heights we decided to give 2 prizes :) Congratulations to our winners:
    1st place: Bad4ssJC (Island level 3,778,047)
    2nd place: Freemainian (Island level 3,003,816)

Top 10 Balances:
These players will receive s starting toolkit with some good vanilla enchants  and 10,000 ingame credits to start the 1.17 adventure
Congrats to the players that finished in the top 10 balances in-game:
    01: Bad4ssJC
    02: Freemainian
    03: J4kk4ls
    04: WarriorBelle19
    05: Nueblah
    06: NastyGamer69
    07: MR_Cheezy_D
    08: nnsoxx
    09: ShadyManiac
    10: Sanji310

More info on our Discord!!!

~Dirty Dog Staff

Posted on May 24, 2021 by Billabomb75